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February 2020

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Elections & Tax Savings

Every year is an election year when it comes to making decisions on your annual income tax return. Learn four common examples that can create tax savings opportunities if you elect the correct option on our latest blog post!

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Client Spotlight: Xibitz, Inc

On our latest “Client Spotlight” Baker Holtz introduces Xitbitz, Inc., a custom fabricator in the Grand Rapids area. Learn more about their business and everything they offer here!

How to Build Profits with a Business Website

When it comes to creating an attractive, informative, website that reflects the true essence of your business; the task can be a bit daunting. What should you include? How do you attract your clients? Learn more on our latest blog, “How to Build Profits with a Business Website”.

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Should You Be Tapping Into Your Retirement?

Often when you are in dire need for money, you may consider tapping into your retirement accounts for some extra cash. However, there are many important factors to consider when deciding to take an early withdrawal! Learn more on our latest “Tax Tip of the Week”!

Late Filing Can Be Costly!

Did you know that late filing of your taxes for a corporation or partnership could cost you up to $820 in penalties after only 17 days? Read more about this penalty and how to avoid it on our latest “Tax Tip of the Week!”

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Where’s My Tax Return?

Did you know that missing statements or mismatched names on your tax documents could delay your tax return? This week we have a few other common examples as to why your tax return may be delayed on our latest, “Tax Tip of the Week!”

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Char Kraus – Staff Spotlight

Here at Baker Holtz, we have many staff members. From accounting professionals to our tax wizards, to our admin team and management, we all come from different professional backgrounds. Each skill set contributing to the well-rounded team we are today. Char Kraus, our one and only bookkeeper, is another essential kog in the Baker Holtz machine!