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June 2020

Changing Marital Status? What You Need To Do

Have you been recently married, divorced, or lost a spouse? A change in marital status should prompt a review of financial matters, but at such a time it is easy to overlook the details. On our latest blog, read up on a few suggestions to ensure your finances are still in check!

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Tax Tips to Aid in Retiring Early

In an effort to assist in planning for retirement, there are a number of provisions in the tax code that benefit those who wish to retire early. Here are a number of tips to help you get there on our “Tax Tip of the Week!”

Common Tax Filing Mistakes

Want to ensure your refund gets to you in the shortest amount of time? Want to avoid a letter from the IRS? Here are some of the most common tax filing mistakes to avoid!

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Should I Pay My Tax Bill With a Credit Card?

The IRS has allowed tax payments with credit cards for the past few years. Is it a good payment method for you? Learn more about this payment method and how it works on our “Tax Tip of the Week”!