Alexis Fetterman – Staff Spotlight

As far as Associates go here at Baker Holtz, there is only one who loves to raise chickens, garden, and play (only) “Jingle Bells” on piano! On this month’s “Staff Spotlight” we introduce our Associate, Alexis Fetterman!

Alexis started at Baker Holtz as an intern during the 2018 season and joined us full-time as an Associate in January 2019. From the very beginning, Alexis enjoyed accounting because it allowed her to assist others in doing something many fear or don’t enjoy doing. Often times when people think of accounting and all of the record keeping and paperwork that goes along with it, they just cringe! That’s where Alexis comes in. She is able to take that burden and assist others through it, all while doing something she loves!

She decided to stay at Baker Holtz after her internship and continues to take pride in her position here due to the supportive team-orientated environment that you just don’t find everywhere else. There’s an overall focus of the leaders here on each team member’s career and how they can continue to grow and develop it.

In her daily position here at Baker Holtz, Alexis does a little bit of everything. As an associate, she is able to explore many aspects of tax, accounting, and auditing. She performs many tasks for our clients such as prepping financial statements and tax returns, calculating estimate payments each quarter, and running tax projections at the end of the year.

When Alexis was growing up she always liked money and collecting coins, never knowing that this passion from a young age would play a large role in her career in adulthood! With her grandparents working as accountants, she always had this career path in mind. However, when she first began college she shifted gears and branched out to try her hand in radiology instead. She soon discovered after a summer internship that the hospital smells and bodily fluids involved just weren’t for her! Right then, her career into accounting was born.

When Alexis isn’t busy at work she enjoys pruning her green thumb in her garden! She cares for everything from house plants to vegetables such as spinach, pumpkins, and lettuce! She also adopted her first flock of chickens this spring and enjoys raising and caring for them on a daily basis. Alexis Fetterman, our well-known tax and accounting professional by day, but a complete gardener/chicken farmer by night!

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