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Stephanie Noeldner – Staff Spotlight

When you think of a CPA firm, you commonly think of the accountants and tax preparers hard at work this tax season; working long hours at their desk to make sure each return is filed in a timely fashion. However, behind the scenes of each CPA firm is another group of workers; the ones with less recognition, but just as much responsibility. On this month’s “Staff Spotlight”, we are proud to introduce Stephanie Noeldner, Administrative Assistant!

Employer & Employee Relief Programs

Governor Whitmer, in an effort to protect all Michiganders, today signed Executive Order 2020-21 that directs residents to remain at home or in their place of residence to the maximum extent feasible. A summary of her, “Stay Home, Stay Safe,” Executive Order is available online.

Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity

The Unemployment Insurance Agency (UIA) will be hosting several hour-long informational webinars for Michigan employers regarding unemployment insurance and the recent Executive Orders 2020-09 and 2020-10 signed by Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

The Tax Gap & How It Applies To You

The “tax gap” is the difference between what taxpayers should have paid and the amount that is actually paid. So what does that mean to you? Learn more on our latest blog, “The Tax Gap & How It Applies To You”!

Tax Strategies for Individuals

As we push farther into the tax season, everyone is looking for ways to save on their taxes! Look no further than our latest blog: Tax Strategies for Individuals!

Treasury Delays the April 15th Deadline

The Department of Treasury announced that the April 15 tax deadline will be pushed back for many individuals and corporations, giving them 90 extra days to pay their 2019 Federal tax.

Kiddie Tax Rate

Parents of young children will always have plenty to worry about. New tax legislation passed at the end of 2019 eliminates at least one of these worries! Read more on our latest blog about how this new tax law affects you!

Form 1095: What You Need To Know

Are you waiting for Form 1095 in order to file your taxes? Learn more on whether or not you should truly be waiting for this form before you file on our latest blog, “Form 1095: What You Need To Know”!

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6 Tax Tips To Consider When You’re Expecting!

There are big moments in everyone’s life; a new birth is definitely one of them! But there are a few important tax tips to consider during this exciting time! Learn more on our latest blog, “6 Tax Tips To Consider When You’re Expecting!”