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Using Investment Losses

Effectively using your investment losses can make a big impact in your taxable income. Why? These losses could offset income that is barely taxed, or it could offset income taxed at 39.6% or higher! Here are some ideas to make those losers into winners on your tax return.

Conduct a Financial Review at Tax Time

Tax filing time is an ideal time to review your financial affairs. You have to gather information to prepare your tax return at this time. Why not take one more step and do something positive for your financial well-being?

Understanding the Home Gain Exclusion

One of the biggest tax benefits available today is the exclusion of gains when you sell your qualified home. Read up on this tax benefit and how it may apply to you on our latest “Tax Tip of the Week”!

Review IRA Beneficiaries Now

Lost in the media storm during the coronavirus pandemic is a law change enacted in late 2019 that eliminates an IRA withdrawal technique known as the stretch IRA. Here is what you need to know!

Follow-Up On PPP – Here’s the Bad News

By now as most of you know, the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) as established by the CARES Act provides recipients with loan proceeds to be used to pay certain business costs including payroll, interest, rent and utilities. Learn more about this loan and how it could affect you on our latest blog!

Tax Savvy Moves to Consider During the Pandemic

This time during the pandemic is one of confusion and uncertainty for many taxpayers. However, considering a few changes during this time could save you money in the long run! On our latest “Tax Tip of the Week”, learn a few tax savvy moves to consider during the pandemic.

Debt Reduction May Be Your Best Investment

Investors are increasingly worried about the ups and downs of the stock market. If you’re worried about your investments and want to reduce your debts, you’re in luck. Debt reduction gives you a guaranteed rate of return!

Ensure You Receive a Stimulus Payment

The IRS recently announced the launch of web sites for non-tax filers to register to receive their economic impact payment and a new Get My Payment tool. Here is what you need to know.

Cash vs Accrual Reporting

When you start a business, you have many decisions to make. One of those is the method of accounting your business will use for reporting income and expenses on your tax return. It is an extremely important decision. With few exceptions, the method you choose can only be changed in the future with the IRS’s permission.