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Char Watson – Staff Spotlight

In this month’s Staff Spotlight, we would like to introduce you to our administrative assistant, Char Watson.

Char is originally from the rural town of Goodells, Michigan located in “The Thumb”. The house that she grew up in was three miles from the nearest paved road. She faced challenges that most people have never faced such as a lack of bussing due to muddy, rough spring roads.  This is just one of the many reasons she loves living in the city!

Char graduated from Yale High School, and she attended St. Clair Community College prior to transferring to Western Michigan University. She has a Bachelor of Science in elementary education with minors in math, science, and English. Char spent years substitute teaching while seeking a full-time teaching job. After she had her daughter, Clare, she decided that teaching wasn’t for her.

Prior to coming to Baker Holtz, Char stayed at home with Clare and eventually started working seasonally for Happy Holiday Christmas Trees. She worked there for 13 years with friends that she met in a MOMS club. It was a very fast-paced season with long hours. 

Char’s daughter, Clare, is now 19 years old and works at Brown Butter Creperie & Cafe’ in Eastown. She is hoping that Clare learns how to make crepes so that she can make them at home! Clare started college during the pandemic, which posed unique challenges. She has decided to take a gap year to find her way in life.

Char’s family adopted a dog, Jake, in September. After losing two dogs, they felt that their home was too quiet and didn’t feel complete without a canine companion. Jake is now 10 months old, and he is the perfect mix of crazy and snuggly!



Some of Char’s hobbies include watching movies, playing D & D, watching live music with her husband Brad, and spending as much time as possible at their seasonal camper outside of Ludington.  Her favorite restaurant is Max’s South Seas Hideaway. Their amazing décor, tasty food, and drinks make for a fun night out. 

When Baker Holtz approached Char with the opportunity to move from a seasonal employee to a year-round employee, she couldn’t pass it up. Char loves being downtown and working with a group of people that are friendly and welcoming.