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Client Spotlight: Xibitz, Inc

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“Xibitz develops world-class exhibits and environments. Providing a blend of services tailored to specific project needs, we offer a highly integrated turn-key approach to the development of compelling spaces for corporations, museums, athletic centers, hospitals, and so much more. Through our multi-disciplinary approach, we are committed to providing the best creative and innovative solutions. We are known for the quality of our work and our ability to execute complex and highly detailed design projects that frequently have a combination or a heavy concentration of enhanced technology, interactivity, mechanical or media-based engagements, refined design aesthetics, rich construction materials, and unique graphic and visual applications.”

Company Culture

“Xibitz is a company of over 50 creative and skilled artisans offering a great depth of talent. Throughout the years, we have gained experience and understanding of how to successfully complete complex and unique projects. We value our people by providing continuous learning opportunities to increase the already extensive knowledge and skills in fabrication techniques as well as in planning and project management. Xibitz strives to maintain a culture dedicated to collaboration and open communication. We have managed to always communicate our goals and visions to our employees in a way that makes them a part of a unified team and we listen to our employees who want to go that extra mile to make customers happy, empowering them to do what they need to do to meet that vision.”

What is the most rewarding part about your career at Xibitz?

“The most rewarding part of my career has been developing my skills and helping to foster the growth of the teams of people that I have been fortunate to work alongside over the years. Regardless of the route that I took in my career, I found myself always working with others whose goals and visions coincide with my own. Now being a Principal at Xibitz, I constantly lead new teams, which exposes me to new people and different learning styles. Acknowledging each person’s strengths and professional areas they want to work on allows me to help them grow and as I assist in teaching others, I am reinforcing my own knowledge and understanding.”

What sets Xibitz apart from the competition?

“There are many things that sets Xibitz apart from its competition but the main things that I would mention is the fact that we are a turnkey solution offering comprehensive management specialties in project management, scheduling, budgeting, contract and artifact management. We offer sub-consultant management focused on design, media technology, and sound/motion/lighting integration. And we specialize in fabrication management with a proven track record to execute the type of work that our clients expect and require. 

All of our projects have been completed on budget. While we will contract with you on a fixed price basis, cost management remains extremely important to maintain flexibility, quality and a successful project for all. You will not see a Change Order from us unless you request a material change to our Scope of Work, or there is something that you wish to add to the project that cannot be otherwise accommodated within the existing budget. In either instance, a Change Order is a mutually agreed upon document, not something that we surprise you with.

Our partners and clients appreciate the control and insights we offer to support and execute strategic financial decisions that maximize achievement of a project’s goals and return on investment. We offer estimating and the more typical budgeting support, but our financial expertise includes a unique Xibitz process that empowers and informs project leaders from start to finish.”

Who is your ideal client?

“Our ideal client/customer is someone who can partner with us and keep the lines of communication open even during challenging times. We work on a level of trust with our employees and we love working with a client who can offer us that same level of trust where they know that we will solve any outstanding issues and offer exceptional outcomes. We want a client who is driven and ready to tell their story through design and fabrication. Xibitz isn’t a company that just does what is needed and then walks away. We partner with our clients and expect a long-term relationship built on trust and understanding. We enjoy working with a client who knows what their goals are and yet keeping an open mind to what they may not be seeing so that we step in and help fill those gaps.”

What is something you want everyone to know about your company?

“We want everyone to know that we are a team of highly dedicated and experienced professionals that, time and again, exceed our customer’s expectations. We deliver on our promises and we provide creativity and friendliness that is unparalleled even during challenging times.”

What is your favorite part about working with Baker Holtz and what motivates you to stay with our team?

“Our favorite part about staying with Baker Holtz is the fact that you, like our own team here at Xibitz, strive to improve, learn, and change with the times. You are open to feedback and always work to better the lives of your clients. We couldn’t ask for more than that.”