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GRBJ Highlight: Cash Flow is King

This January, our own Rob Westdorp partnered with the Grand Rapids Business Journal to discuss cash flow, and why you should prioritize the importance of cash!

“As business owners and managers guiding the finances of an organization, or individuals dealing with the household budget, it doesn’t take long to understand the old saying “cash is king.”

We need cash to pay rent, the mortgage, meet payroll or pay bills.

In business it is easy to become enamored with revenue growth and profitability. While both are admirable pursuits, they do not guarantee the long-term success of an organization. Financial statement profitability is a function of accounting standards, rules and theories. An organization could have fantastic revenue, reasonable expenses and significant profit, but still have negative cash flow.”

To find out how to forecast your cash flow without a crystal ball, check out the rest of Rob’s article at the Grand Rapids Business Journal.


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