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GRBJ Highlight: Running wild isn’t always as fun as it sounds

This month just may be the month of Andy Jipping. Among other things, Andy has written a blog for the Grand Rapids Business Journal with some great ideas that can help your company get back on track, and steer clear from “running wild.”

“As a parent of a toddler,   I find myself reminding my son to watch where he is going. His eyes are pointed in every direction that isn’t forward — you know, the direction he’s running at full speed.

My wife and I have probably apologized to you in Meijer after he darted out from an aisle into your cart. Yup, we’re those parents.

But he’s three. We wouldn’t expect a mature adult to run full speed without regard of his surroundings, yet when it comes to our company’s financial position that’s often how we operate. Without a systematic approach to review our key performance indicators, we can’t see when our company has started to wander and needs to get back on track. Sometimes when we start looking, we find we’re going in the wrong direction entirely.”


To get the full blog, or previous blogs you may have missed, check out the Grand Rapids Business Journal. 



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