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Jonelle Cooper – Staff Spotlight

Whenever you call or visit our office, you will be warmly greeted by our receptionist, Jonelle Cooper. Jonelle joined Baker Holtz in 2019 after working in veterinary medicine for 18 years. 

While her time working at the vet’s office may be over, her passion for animals remains strong. Jonelle has welcomed many pets into her home and heart over the years. Many of the animals were seniors or disabled. She currently has a cat, Norton, and two dogs, Camille and Andy. Both dogs are visually impaired and each only have one eye. Despite their disabilities, they are active and love to play at the dog park!

Jonelle has many activities outside of the office that keep her busy and entertained. She is a founding mug club member at Two Guy’s Brewery, and she is also a member of the Polish Falcon’s Club of Grand Rapids. She enjoys running 5k races and volunteers with the Mental Health Foundation of West Michigan “Be Nice” program.


During the summer, Jonelle gets up before the crack of dawn to work an annual sport fishing tournament, the Big Red Classic. Everyone knows how fishermen love to exaggerate about the size of their catch, so Jonelle is there to keep them in check! She is responsible for measuring and weighing the fish as they come in. This year, the boat she was on took fourth place with a total of 170.46 pounds of fish!

Jonelle does a great job of keeping the staff happy during tax season. Employees often find treats with words of encouragement on their desks. Her positivity, sense of humor, hard work, and incredible organization all contribute to her success at Baker Holtz. We feel very fortunate to have Jonelle on our team!