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Natalie Arciniegaenvelope

Administrative Assistant

Natalie is our newest addition to the Baker Holtz team. Just starting with us in June of 2017, Natalie is excited to show us what she’s got in store for our marketing department as well as spicing up the front office as part of the administrative assistant team. She graduated in the summer of 2015 with an associate’s degree in business and is continuing her education at Davenport University to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Marketing.

When Natalie isn’t drying her eyes out staring at a computer screen, she enjoys snowboarding in the winter any chance she can get. She would live in Colorado part time if she could, but Michigan summers are second to none. In the summer she enjoys any outdoor activity – Fishing, golfing (work in progress), kayaking, hiking and obnoxiously singing with the windows down in her car on the way to Lake Michigan.

Family time, maintaining close friendships, work ethic, Grand Rapids, and Crouton the dog are a just a few things that are most important to Natalie.  She loves the city she grew up in, and couldn’t be more excited to be a part of our family and work in the heart of her home town.



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