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Jan joined Baker Holtz in 2013 and remembers her first impressions well.  “I noticed right away that my fellow employees were friendly and helpful.  I was impressed with the pleasant surroundings and that the technology was top notch and very professional.  When I was given my first tax return to prepare, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.  I’m happy that I’ve found a place to provide a service and have it be so appreciated.”

With over 20 years’ experience in the tax world, it could come as a surprise that Jan has quite a creative side.  A self-proclaimed “junker” at heart, Jan loves to recycle and repurpose found items, giving them a second life while helping the environment.  (If you come across a great curb alert, don’t be surprised if she’s there too!)

Jan is also a theater enthusiast, which makes being married to a Grand Valley University professor of scene and lighting design that much sweeter.  Together they enjoy traveling and seeing theatre especially in New York City and London.

While it’s difficult to narrow down her favorite play, “The Phantom of the Opera” stands out to her.  Jan and her husband saw it in London because (as her husband put it) “Andrew Lloyd Webber was British, so we have to see it there.”  When they arrived, the only tickets available were two stalls that she thinks must have belonged to royalty by the way people looked at them as they took their seats.  Much to her delight, they were seated right where the chandelier fell.  Their love of theater also gives them a natural avenue for community involvement.

Jan also donates her time and heart to Cairn Rescue USA, a rescue group that specifically aids Cairn Terriers.  Together thus far she and her husband have been foster parents for five Cairns that have gone on to find forever homes.  She also volunteers her time for CRUSA by transporting dogs from one location to another, making home visits and interviewing prospective adoptive families, as well as volunteers as a tutor at the Literacy Center of West Michigan.

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