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Redefining Casual Friday one Charity at a Time


Week 1, Week 10

Who doesn’t love wearing jeans to work? Who doesn’t love the feeling of giving back? We found a way to put two and two together. For four years and counting the staff of Baker Holtz has collectively voted on a charity or nonprofit each quarter to support in exchange for wearing jeans on Fridays.

In the past we have worked with organizations such as: Kids’ Food Basket, Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital, The Humane Society, Literacy Center of West Michigan, Santa Claus Girls, West Michigan Environmental Action Council, Kent Country Parks Foundation, and in our current quarter, Paws With a Cause.

Traditionally, donations are $5 per Friday to the selected charity, but this time around, we switched it up. Our team chose Feeding America West Michigan to give back to in a heavy way. This past holiday season, donations consisted of $5 worth of nonperishable foods. Our team, with the help of our community, donated over 432 pounds of food to the charity in late December. Feeding America is a nationwide nonprofit dedicated to Feeding America’s hunger through food banks and meal programs.

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Tiffany Taft (Left), Ryan Holtz, Melissa Seguin, Katie Evans (right) dropping off donations to Feeding America

Feeding America works like this: outside donations are collected, sorted and distributed to food banks and meal plans around the country. Americans at risk of hunger now have access to over 60,000 food pantries and meal programs nationwide.

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Feeding America Facts

We work in a thriving community and are proud to give back in any way we can. Thank you again to all our clients, friends, staff and community for helping us support a great cause!

For more information on Feeding America or to support the cause, visit:



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