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Specialty Subcontractor Services


We know the challenges you face within the trade industry. Specialty subcontractors manage high-risk projects, abide by tight deadlines, manage cash flow and are expected to obtain financial reporting on top of that.

With each project comes a great deal of liability and your finances should not be one of them. Whether you’re in construction, electric or masonry, Baker Holtz has what you need for a financially successful business.

Financial reporting is a huge challenge within the specialty subcontractor industry since a large part of financial statements involve estimating profits and cost projection. Each stakeholder needs to be comfortable that financial projections are dependable and accurate.

We deliver a range of services including specialized accounting, consulting and tax services like cash flow analysis, and financial reporting.

Our team of specialist continually adapt to the changing needs of our specialty subcontractors. With extensive experience in many different trade focuses, we can help you build a successful business while avoiding common pitfalls within the specialty subcontractor industry.

Maximizing your savings and increasing your profitability is our priority.


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