Staff Spotlight: Michael Stodulski

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From Camp Counselor to doggy foster parent Baker Holtz’ Senior Tax Associate, Mike Stodulski, took the hotseat this month for our latest Staff Spotlight!

Mike started with Baker Holtz as an intern in January of 2015 and began as a full time tax associate in January of 2016. Moving quickly up the ladder, Mike has been an essential part of our team since he started! However, there is so much more to Mike than meets the stereotypical scope of your regular tax associate.
When Mike was younger he attended Camp Sancta Maria for a total of 8 years and eventually advanced into the role of Camp Counselor, focusing on guiding others and assisting wherever he could. Today, this passion for others still hasn’t wavered and is apparent in both his professional and personal life. In his spare time, Mike dedicates himself as a foster parent for dogs through Hearts of Hope Dog Rescue. For the last 2 years he has opened his home to 8 dogs that have come from Pound Buddies and other shelters in the local area.

His passion for working with people and helping others is represented every day in the work he does here at Baker Holtz as well. If you need help answering a tax question, want to know who’s carefully reviewing your return, or simply need some guidance on what direction to take your tax filing – Mike’s the guy to go to! In our office, Mike is the one who reviews each detail on tax returns, ensuring perfection and making sure no aspect is overlooked.

Known around the office as both our avid hummer AND detail reviewer, Mike wears many hats. He jokes that with his dad also a CPA; he was born with tax work already in his blood! Lucky for us, that led Mike to be here with us today! Thank you for all you do for us here at Baker Holtz, Mike!

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