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Staff Spotlight: Phil Church

On this month’s Baker Holtz Staff Spotlight we are happy to introduce Accounting Supervisor, Phil Church. Phil has been with us since 2018, but he wasn’t always the Accounting wiz we know him to be today!

One thing most people don’t know about Phil is that he played guitar in a heavy metal band in high school; describing himself as a true metal-head back then. While he still enjoys to rock out on his guitar, he prefers the acoustic now.
However, while growing up Phil had the hopes to be an architect or a doctor. This passion stemmed from his interest in building things and presenting a finished product; enjoying completing a project and producing defined results. Phil ended up discovering his knack for accounting completely by accident; stumbling upon it during an accounting pre-requisite in college. But right away something clicked and he knew he had found his niche.

This passion for producing results and accounting as a whole is represented in much of the work Phil does for Baker Holtz behind the scenes. Phil works hard to improve the quality control within our company – reviewing work tediously and ensuring everything is up to par. He also ensures our clients have all the resources they need in making informed accounting decisions.

Phil’s favorite thing about working as a Public Accountant for Baker Holtz is meeting many new clients and staying busy. Each client and company is different and he enjoys meeting these people and getting to know how he can best serve them.
Outside of work Phil is passionate about his healthy lifestyle that his fiancé and him focus on together. They enjoy working out as well as outlining a well-rounded diet.
So next time you’re in the office, say hi to Phil! (He’ll be the only one wearing a tie)

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