baker holtz staff

Steven D. Struck – Staff Spotlight

When it comes to Steven D. Struck, many words come to mind: Baker Holtz Tax Partner, staff leader, extrovert, classic funny-guy. But there are also a few less common words that describe our tax-guru: New Jersey, people analyzer, and avid sports enthusiast. Learn more about Steve Struck and his influence on the world both inside and out of the four Baker Holtz walls on this month’s “Staff Spotlight”.

Alexis Fetterman – Staff Spotlight

As far as Associates go here at Baker Holtz, there is only one who loves to raise chickens, garden, and play (only) “Jingle Bells” on piano! On this month’s “Staff Spotlight” we introduce our Associate, Alexis Fetterman!

Melissa Seguin – Staff Spotlight

Melissa Seguin is not only a pivotable role model throughout our firm, but also in the local Grand Rapids community. While our Tax Principal is well known by our clients and community members alike, there are many sides to Melissa; both inside and out of our office. On this month’s Staff Spotlight, we introduce our one and only Tax Principal, Melissa Seguin!

Janet K. Sheffield – Staff Spotlight

From accounting and tax work, to party planning, sewing, and re-purposing, Jan truly allows her creative knack at heart to shine through in everything she does. On this month’s “Staff Spotlight”, learn a little more about our associate, Jan Sheffield, inside and out of the office world!

Stephanie Noeldner – Staff Spotlight

When you think of a CPA firm, you commonly think of the accountants and tax preparers hard at work this tax season; working long hours at their desk to make sure each return is filed in a timely fashion. However, behind the scenes of each CPA firm is another group of workers; the ones with less recognition, but just as much responsibility. On this month’s “Staff Spotlight”, we are proud to introduce Stephanie Noeldner, Administrative Assistant!