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Value Pricing

Unlike other firms, we believe good service should not be recorded by the hour but rather by results. In hourly billing, clients and service providers often have limited communication due to the fear of being billed or overbilling. Additionally, hourly billing requires time and resource efficiency which is not always provided. Here at Baker Holtz we don’t believe in charging you based on the time we spend, instead we operate on an “off-the-clock” basis. We are proud to charge a flat rate for each customized package so we are not limited in providing excellent service with respect to your budget.

Why It’s Better

Unlimited access to our team at any time for any reason, no restrictions and no extra charges.

Allows us to spend the appropriate amount of time on your needs without financial restrictions.

Delivers peace of mind: We work to help you minimize your risk and maximize your profitability.

Whether you contact us for accounting, taxation or advisory services, you can rest easy knowing that there will never be any surprises. We think there’s just something right about that.

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