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When it Comes to Success, You Have to E.A.R.N. I.T.!

Brady Savage has been with Baker Holtz since 2014. In this week’s blog, he discusses goals and shares his personal mantra for achieving success.

“Your level of success will seldom exceed your level of personal development.” – Jim Rohn

We all strive for success in the workplace.  However, some of us may feel that opportunities are passing us over.  Why might this be?

Chances are that the answer is staring us in the mirror.

This is why I created a mantra.  The following reflects daily steps to take in order to accomplish your goals.  These steps help to improve the biggest factor of personal success: yourself.  It is not easy; you have to E.A.R.N. I.T!

E.A.R.N. I.T.-


In the short term, working out increases blood flow and oxygen to the most important part of your body, the brain.  This helps boost cognitive function, as well as emotional and mental capacity, allowing you to seize the day.

Long term, as you maintain a steady regiment of exercise, your flexibility and strength increase.  Your immune system is bolstered, and your lifespan expands.  You’re in position to enjoy extra years of life.


If you don’t believe in yourself, who will?  In order to use this skill effectively, think positively about the goals you want to achieve, as well as the actions necessary in order to complete these tasks.

However, keep these goals to yourself. Repeated psychology tests have proven that telling someone your goal makes it less likely to happen.  This is called a “social reality.”  The mind can be tricked into thinking that the tasks required are already done.

Save the feeling of satisfaction for once the task is completed.


Self-help books and articles help you stay focused on continually improving yourself.

Don’t stop reading even if things are going well.

If you read just 10 pages per day, roughly 15 minutes, you can complete approximately eighteen 200 page self-help books in a year.  That’s a lot of personal development insight!


What you eat has a huge effect on how you feel.  If you eat correctly, you can fight off sickness, avoid energy crashes, and feel healthy overall.

Take the time to cook your meals.  Convenience food is not convenient in the long run.


Plan the next day.  It’s fairly common that the last thoughts you have before bed are the first ones you have when you wake up.  Use this to your advantage.  Keep a journal next to your bed to write out what you want to accomplish each morning.

Remember that your goal is to be effective.  Don’t jam-pack your schedule.  Instead, outline your most important tasks, perform them slowly, and execute everything with effort and care instead of haste.

Track Your Progress

At the end of the day, use the same journal from above to detail 3-5 things that occurred in the last 24 hours for which you are grateful.  This act of creating a physical log of your thoughts can help you become more rational and allow you to pinpoint on which areas of your life you need to spend more time.

Your success starts with you.  All you have to do is E.A.R.N. I.T.

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