The Right Balance

At Baker Holtz, we believe excellent client care comes when we perfectly
balance our expertise and your unique needs




The Right Balance

At Baker Holtz, we believe excellent client care comes when we perfectly
balance our expertise and your unique needs

With a deep commitment to professionalism, individuals of our firm hold membership in the following organizations:

Baker Holtz is Growing!

Baker Holtz, CPA’s & Advisors is ecstatic to announce that we have recently acquired the firm Prangley Marks! To our new clients coming to us from Prangley Marks, we would like to officially welcome you to the Baker Holtz family. We are looking forward to building a long lasting relationship with you for many years to come. Watch the video above to learn just a little bit more about who we are here at Baker Holtz and what sets us apart from the rest.


about us

We are driven by the satisfaction received through partnering with our staff and clients to help them achieve their goals and enjoy success. As advisors to our clients, mentors to our staff, and participants in our community, we build strong relationships and provide dynamic solutions delivered with integrity.

Since 1979, Baker Holtz has focused on the needs of closely-held businesses, their owners and those seeking professional advice in financial and tax matters including business consultation, accounting, tax planning and preparation, estate planning, fraud prevention and more.

Working as collaborators, our talented team of experts approach each workday as an opportunity to problem solve, learn, grow, and be a conduit for good. Our firm places high value on family, each other and our community. We seek ways to give back – actively volunteering together and extending our individual expertise outside the office walls.

Our Services

In addition to our standard suite of tax and accounting services, Baker Holtz clients in specific
niche industries enjoy comprehensive service as well.
Accounting & Assurance

We stay current as financial reporting and regulations evolve; assuring that your business meets all compliance requirements and that you seize any emerging opportunities.


From cash flow management and profit enhancement to strategic and succession planning, we can help you and your business work “on” your business rather than “in” your business itself.


Working with your advisory team—bankers, investment counselors, insurance agents and attorneys—our experts ensure that all services are both complete and comprehensive.


Our team

At Baker Holtz, we believe excellent client care comes when we perfectly 
balance our expertise and your unique needs.
Lori Baker

Of Counsel

Jonelle Cooper


Ryan Holtz

Managing Partner

Sarah Mulder


Mike R. Stodulski

Senior Tax Associate

Amy Burns


Sara Knoper

Senior Tax Manager

Stephanie Noeldner

Administrative Assistant

Anna Chapman


Char Kraus


Melissa Seguin

Tax Principal

Tiffany S. Taft

Firm Administrator

Phil Church

Accounting Supervisor

Seth Hanenburg

Senior Associate

Lauren Kurtz

Senior Associate

Char Watson

Administrative Assistant


Years in Service


Satisfied Clients


Community Involvement Projects

For over 40 years we’ve offered customized tax, accounting and advisory services across various industries. Each member of the Baker Holtz team brings a unique skill set and wealth of experience that helps us hone in on your specific niche.


Baker Holtz works with motor carriers, movers, third party logistics providers, and public warehouses to help each client financially come out on top in today’s competitive industry of transportation.

Customer demands and logistics are continually changing. We remain at the forefront as an industry provider by keeping up on trends, opportunities and issues surrounding the transportation business. Our extensive knowledge of the industry’s challenges enable us to anticipate changes and react quickly and accurately.



The manufacturing industry faces daily challenges such as wide-spread competition, evolving tax regulations and high customer and employee expectations. Considering these obstacles, it is essential that you have advisors in your corner who understand the demands of the industry and cater to those specific needs.

We help clients like you every day in analyzing operations such as sourcing trends and growth obstacles. Our professionals stay current on manufacturing trends and use this knowledge to better serve our clients.


Real Estate

No matter what your real estate specialty is, you know as well as we do that the real estate market offers a large amount of opportunity. Just as equally, the industry holds a great deal of risk. You can rely on our team of professionals to be extremely knowledgeable about the industry, trends, challenges and changes. Knowing the industry in’s and out’s are one of the many ways our team helps you capitalize on opportunity and minimize risk.

Whether you’re a big fish in the industry or a small fish, Baker Holtz provides you with a wide variety of audit, tax and advisory services within the real estate community.


Specialty Contractors

We know the challenges you face within the trade industry. Specialty subcontractors manage high-risk projects, abide by tight deadlines, manage cash flow and are expected to obtain financial reporting on top of that.

With each project comes a great deal of liability and your finances should not be one of them. Whether you’re in construction, electric or masonry, Baker Holtz has what you need for a financially successful business.


Why Choose Baker Holtz?

Unlike other firms, we believe good service should not be recorded by the hour but rather by results.
Value Pricing


Per Hour Cost

  • Unlimited access to our team at anytime with no extra cost
  • No financial restrictions
  • We work to help you minimize your risk and maximize your profitability
  • Flat rated pricing customized to your unique package in relation to your exact budget.
Why It's Better

  • We believe good service should not be recorded by the hour but rather by results. Hourly billing requires time and resource efficiency which is not always provided. We operate on an “off-the-clock” basis. We are proud to charge a flat rate for each customized package.
Our Culture
  • Whether you contact us for accounting, taxation or advisory services, you can rest easy knowing that there will never be any surprises. We think there’s just something right about that.


Client Testimonials

We understand your expectations and provide quality results.

“Baker Holtz was the right size firm for our company.  Big enough to have a full bench and offer what we need and not too big where we are overpaying for things we really don’t need.  In addition, Melissa came highly recommended from another business owner.

They let us focus on growing our business and they take care of the tax compliance requirements. In addition, they provide sound advice with regard to our internal books and accounting staff.

I also appreciate BH’s philosophy on billing. It allows me to reach out if I have any questions and not feel like I’m getting nickeled and dimed.”

Max Sieplinga

Howie's Hockey Tape

“I have been a client of Baker Holtz’s for 15 years. I chose Baker Holtz in the beginning because I felt like they were taking the time to learn our needs and the needs of the company. They took the time to listen and meet with me to make sure I was meeting my goals.

As a new business owner they helped me get my books up to the standards they needed to be at for reporting as well as gave me peace of mind. They had the knowledge and depth of experience to help me prepare for growth and to begin to understand and prepare for an exit strategy, even though it was years away. They helped me put concrete structure in place to define and reach my personal goals, professional goals, and goals for the company. “

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Bridget VanDerhoff

Appletree & Gilden Woods


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