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Our value-based pricing structure gives you the freedom to access our CPAs anytime, for any reason.
We are proud to live in West Michigan and work in Grand Rapids’ thriving downtown.
The Baker Holtz experience is like none other.
“Our company has been working with Baker Holtz for 32 years because of their detailed, meticulously-defined planning process.” - Bob Roth, RoMan Manufacturing

The Right Balance

At Baker Holtz, we believe excellent client care comes when we perfectly balance our expertise and your unique needs. Because our clients come from various industries and have diverse business goals, they require highly specialized services, and we don’t mind, because that’s just what makes us tick. Facing challenges, finding solutions. Our team works hard to provide a customized approach every time. And speaking of time, we don’t bill it like most firms, recording hours and minutes. We prefer to measure what matters most – results. That’s why we use fixed pricing – so you’ll never have to wonder what your bill will be.

Fixed Pricing Model

Why bill hours when we can add value instead?

Our value-based pricing structure:

  • Gives you the freedom to access our CPAs anytime, for any reason.
  • Allows our experts the flexibility to really listen to your needs and create the best package of services specifically for you.

Whether you contact us for accounting, taxation or advisory services, you can rest easy knowing you’ll pay one flat rate because the advisor working with you is not constrained by a billable hour budget. We think there’s just something right about that.


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