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January 2020

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Client Testimonial – Appletree & Gildenwoods

Appletree & Gilden Woods has been a client of Baker Holtz for 15 years. Learn more about what they have to say about our level of service and assistance to our clients on latest “Client Testimonial”!

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Vacation Homes & Tax Benefits

n the midst of this Michigan winter, I am sure we are all day-dreaming of a vacation home somewhere that isn’t below freezing. But if you own a vacation home and create a proper tax plan, it can help create substantial tax benefits!

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Tax Strategies for Homeowners

As the housing market continues to boom, many are considering buying or selling a home. However, it’s important to know the tax consequences that may come into play in these situations. Learn more on our latest blog post, “Tax Strategies for Homeowners”!

Staff Spotlight – Sara Knoper

At Baker Holtz we have been quite blessed with a group of leaders that each bring a wide variety of skills and assets to our table. Our Tax Manager, Sara Knoper, is no exception! She cultivates a new level of services to our team and to our clients that you just can’t find anywhere else.