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Client Spotlight of the Quarter

Quantum leap Logo

This quarter, we chose Quantum Leap to be featured as our Client Spotlight. Quantum Leap has been with us for almost 4 years and we could not be more grateful for a growing relationship with them.

We had the opportunity to sit down with Rob Dykstra, one of the owners of Quantum Leap to ask him a series of questions about what makes his business thrive.

Our quarterly client spotlight is Quantum Leap Communications. We had an opportunity to sit down with Rob Dykstra, one of the owners of Quantum Leap, to ask him a series of questions about what makes their business thrive. This is what he had to say:

BH: Please describe your business:

RD: We are a full‐service telecommunications company – we offer anything from phones to fiber. We offer business phone systems (both On Premise and Cloud‐based); installation, service and maintenance, low infrastructure cabling and we act as a consultative broker for our clients to procure the best Voice and Data solutions from our telecom partners. In name, Quantum Leap started in 2002, but due to acquisitions we have unique knowledge and over three decades of experience.

BH: Tell us a little bit about your company culture:

RD: At Quantum Leap, we are a family. Certainly, dysfunctional at times, but a family nonetheless! At QL, we are different. At QL, we are unique. At QL, we deeply care about each other. We care about one’s personal and professional growth and their respective goals and how together we can achieve happiness and success. At QL, our goal is to create a culture that is fun and hard‐working. We strive towards a supportive and collaborative culture that our people are proud of and are even more proud to tell others about it.

BH: How did you come to be in the position you are in today? Where did it all start?

RD: I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs, so you could say it was always in my blood. My family set a wonderful foundation of how to treat others and be a servant leader. I was also fortunate, through competitive High School and College sports, that I furthered my passion to be able to lead and guide. Prior to joining QL, I had some great jobs/opportunities that were important stepping stones to my career today. I came from a different industry, a little over five years ago. At that time, QL was a client of mine. After getting to know the people at QL it was easy to see myself being a Team member. I share similar core values with them; commonality in our hopes, dreams, vision, goals, faith and family. I also was in a spot where I needed a change; and as they say, timing is everything.

BH: What are some obstacles you’ve overcome to get to where you are today?

RD: I have had to learn many things along the way. I’ve had to learn persistence, patience, grace, humility, how to handle challenges that were in my control and challenges out of my control. I am very grateful to have many solid people help me along my journey.

BH: What is the most rewarding part about your career?

RD: Seeing our Team fight through adversity, grow and succeed, not just in our business but in personal life as well. I’m proud to be part of the QL family.

BH: What sets you apart from your competition?

RD: Quite simply it is our people. How they genuinely care for each other and for our Clients. We are passionate, enthusiastic and experienced people who love being at QL and are willing to step in and step up for anyone. This shows in everything we do; how we strive to be the best in our industry, how we treat people, how responsive and proactive we are and how we want to be remembered.

BH: Who is your ideal client/customer?

RD: Anyone who is looking for a true partnership that is built on trust and values.

BH: What is something you want everyone to know about your company?

RD: How passionate we are to help and serve our Clients, we will do whatever it takes to make your experience the fairest, the most accurate and the most satisfying as possible.

BH: Why Baker Holtz?

RD: Who they are as people, number one. Everyone that QL has worked with has been great; knowledgeable, friendly and caring. To us, that is what sets the BH Team apart. Besides who they are as people, we appreciate their trust, experience and consultative approach. It’s what sets them apart from every other CPA firm. It is evident that they want a long‐lasting partnership in how they’ve gotten to know who we are but also how they can really help our Team today and grow into the future.