Staff Spotlight: Lauren Kurtz

Lauren and husband

On this months “Staff Spotlight” Baker Holtz is proud to introduce the college sports loving, competitively driven, our Associate, Lauren Kurtz! As one of our Managers in Training, Lauren wears a lot of tax related hats! However, learn more about our “Lauren Of All Trades” in and outside of work on our latest blog!

If you run into Lauren while here at Baker Holtz, you can expect to find her buried deep in some of our more complex tax work. However, demonstrating her new Manager in Training position, Lauren can also be found training our newest staff members and interns as well as guiding others through their work here in the office. She is also known for offering up constructive criticism in a humorist way, so be ready for a good laugh while you’re also learning something!

Lauren loves professional sports and knows more about it than anyone would imagine. Whether its related to the rules, the players, she’s in the know! Lauren has always been passionate about sports. She loves to play, watch, and learn more about them; whether its basketball, football, or anything in between. Her most recent accomplishment included a 35 mile bike race benefiting the American Cancer Society! (Go Lauren!) The competition drives her passion and contributes to her hard work she puts into everything she sets her mind to.

When Lauren was young she always wanted to be a reporter. However, when she was entering her college career she had no focus on what she wanted to do for a long term career. During her first day at Aquinas College she found accounting listed as her major, although she had never chosen that! Being shy back then, Lauren was too nervous to tell anyone that there had been a mistake on her class registration. So, she just went along with it and took the classes they signed her up for. But during her first accounting class she realized she loved the puzzle and challenge that accounting offered.

From that moment on, she knew she was in the right place. Lauren enjoys her career in accounting because of the way everything fits into place. At the end, every problem has an answer. She also enjoys the strong customer relationship she is able to build with our clients here at Baker Holtz.

So whether you’re looking for help on your tough tax related issues or someone to educate you on the latest sports guides, contact Lauren below!

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